The 2008-2009 WCF Camelot World Championship Tournament began on July 20, 2008, with eight participants divided into two four-man round robin candidates groups.  Each group member played a best-two-out-of-three-game match against each of the other three members of his group.  The two group winners, Michael Nolan and Jerry LaSala, played off in a best-three-out-of-five-game Candidates Final Match.  Mr. Nolan won the contest, giving him the right to challenge the reigning Camelot World Champion, Dan Troyka of Saline, Michigan, in a best-four-out-of-seven-game match for the World Championship.  The championship match began on February 7, 2009, in Troy, Michigan, USA.  A second session was held on March 8, and a third and final session on May 31.  The time limit for all games was set at 40 moves in 2-1/2 hours.  After sixteen total hours of play, the match was won by Mr. Troyka by a score of 4-1/2 to 1-1/2 (four wins, one loss, one draw), thus he retains his title of WCF Camelot World Champion.


Pictured above is Dan Troyka of Saline, Michigan, the Camelot World Champion.


Following are pictures from the World Championship Match, as well as the scores of all tournament games.


Awaiting the contestants.  Pictured is the set that was used in games 1 and 2.


Mr. Troyka and Mr. Nolan, before the start of the game.


Ready to begin the contest.


Struggling with the complex tactical challenges of Camelot.


This set was used in games 3, 4, 5, and 6.




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WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH (best 4 out of 7, draws not counting)


              Game 1  Game 2  Game 3  Game 4  Game 5  Game 6   Total

Dan Troyka     1/2      1       1       0       1       1      4-1/2

Michael Nolan  1/2      0       0       1       0       0      1-1/2



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CANDIDATES FINAL MATCH (best 3 out of 5, draws not counting)


               Game 1  Game 2  Game 3  Total

Michael Nolan    1       1       1       3

Jerry LaSala     0       0       0       0



Jerry LaSala vs Michael Nolan

1.E6-E8 D11-F9

2.H6-H8 C11-E9

3.F6-F8 G11-G9

4.C6-E6-G8 I11-I9

5.H8xJ10xJ12 H11-I12

6.J12xH12 H10-J10

7.F8xH10 D10-F8xD8xF6xH6xH8xF6xF8xH8

8.I7xG9xG11 I10xG10xG12xI12

9.D7-D5 E11-G9

10.I6-I5 F11-D9

11.D6-D4 J10-I9

12.J6-H4 I12-H11

13.D5-D3 H11-H10

14.D4-E3 E10-E8

15.I5-G3 E7-E9

16.D3-F3 G9-F8

17.F3-G2 I9-G11-E9-G7

18.H4-F2 D9-F7-H7

19.E3-F3 F8-D8-F6

20.G3-E3 F10-F8-H6

21.E3-G3 F9-D7-F7

22.G3-E3 E8-G6

23.E3-G3 H10-H9

24.F3-H3 H9-G8

25.H3-F3 G8-E6

26.G3-E3 G7-G5

27.E3-G3 H7-F5

28.F3-H3 G6-G4

29.H3-H4 G4xI4


31.G2-G4xG6xE4 F7-D5

32.E4xC6 F6-D6

33.C6-B7 E6-C6xA8

   Resigns 0-1


Michael Nolan vs Jerry LaSala

1.E6-G8 E11-E9

2.J6-H8 C11-E11-G9

3.F7-H9 G9xI9

4.I7-G9xE11xC11 D10xB12

5.H8-F8xD10xF10xH12xJ10xJ12 I9-G11-G9-I11xK13

6.G8-G9 G10xG8

7.G7xG9xI11xI9 H11-G12

8.D6-H8 F11-H13

9.I6-G8-E8 B12-C13

10.H7-H5-F7-F9 G12-I14

11.E8-G10 K13-J13

12.G6-E6-E8-G8-E10 J13-H15

13.H6-G7 C13-D14

14.E7-G9-G11 H13-H14

15.I9-H9 D14-E15

16.F6-H8-H10-F12 I14-G14

17.G7-E9-E11 H14-F14

18.H9-F11 H15-F13-F15

19.F8-F10 E15-G15

20.F11-F13 G14xE12xG12

21.G11xG13xG15 F15xD15

22.G10-F11 D15-E15

23.E10-E12 E15-F15

24.E12-F13 G15-E15

25.F13-F14 E15xG13

26.C6-E8-G10-E10-G12xG14 F15xH13

27.E11-F12 H13-G14

28.F11-G12 G14-F15

29.F9-F11-F13 F15-G15

30.G12-E14 G15-H15

31.E14-F15 Resigns 1-0


Jerry LaSala vs Michael Nolan

1.E6-G8 H11-J9

2.H6-H8 J9-J8

3.I7xK9 E11-E9

4.K9-L10 D10-F8xH6

5.H7xH5 C11-E11-G9xI7xI5xG5xG7xE5xC7xC5

6.J6-K7 E9-D8

7.E7xC9 E10-D9

8.C9xE9 F10xD8xD6

9.K7-L8 C5-E7xG7xG9

10.L8-L9 I11-K11

11.L10xJ12xJ10 I10xK10

12.L9xJ11 G9-I11xK11 Wins 0-1






                DH   MN   CR  DT  Total

Dan Hale        X    0    0    0    0

Michael Nolan   1    X    1    1    3

Clark Rodeffer  1    0    X    0    1

Dave Thomen     1    0    1    X    2


  M. Nolan vs. C. Rodeffer

1.E6-G8                 E11-E9

2.C6-E6                 H11-F9

3.G8-H9                 G10xI8

4.H7xJ9xH11xH9          I11-H10

5.E6-E8xG10xE12xC10xC12 H10xH8

6.I7xG9xE11xC9          Resigns 1-0


  C. Rodeffer vs. M. Nolan

1.G6-G8    E11-E9

2.H6-F8    E10-E8

3.F7xD9xF9 J11-H9xF7xD5xB7

4.D7-E8    I10-G12-E10XG8xG6xI8

5.J6-H8xJ8 C11-E9xG7xE5xC7

  Resigns 0-1


  M. Nolan vs. C. Rodeffer

1.F6-F8               F11-F9

2.E6-E8               G11-G9

3.G7-E9               F10xD8xF6

4.F8xF10xD12xB10      F6xF8xD8

5.D7xD9xF11xH9xF9     I10-G10xE8

6.I6-G8               E8-D9

7.G8-G9               H10xF8

8.I7-G7xE9xC9xE11xC11 Resigns 1-0


  D. Hale vs. D. Thomen

1.F6-F8        H11-H9

2.J6-H8-F6     E10-G12

3.G6-G8        D10-F12-H12-J10

4.C6-E8-G6     E11-G9-I9

5.F8-H8        D11-C10

6.D6-F8        I11-G9

7.E6-E8        G12-H11

8.E8-D8        C11-B11

9.F6-E6        H9-I8

10.H8xJ8       J10-H8xF6xD6

11.G6-E8-C6xE6 I10-I8xG6xE8xC6

   Resigns 0-1


  D. Thomen vs. D. Hale

1.G7-I5-K7             H11-H9

2.J6-L8                E11-G9-I9

3.F7-H5-J7-L7-L9       I10-K12

4.L8-J6-H8xJ10xJ12xL12 H9-H11-J11

5.H7-H8                H10-G9

6.D7-F5-H7-H9xF9xH11   F10-G10

7.H11xF9               E10xG8xI8

8.I7xI9                J11-I10

9.I9-J10               I10xK10

10.L9xJ11xH11          G11xI11

11.E6-D7               I11-H10 Resigns 1-0


  D. Thomen vs. D. Hale

1.E6-G8              G11-G9

2.H6-H8              E11-E9

3.F6-F8              H11-H9

4.I6-J7              C11-E11-C9

5.J6-J8-H6-F6-D8xB10 D11-C11

6.B10xD12            J11-H11-F9-D11xD13

7.G6-I8              F10-G11

8.H8xF10xD8          H9-H11-F9-D11

9.F7-E8              G10-H11

10.G7-H8             D13-E12 Resigns 1-0


 D. Hale vs. C. Rodeffer

1.E6-G8 E11-E9

2.G6-E8 H11-H9

3.H6-F8 F11-F9

4.J6-H8 C11-E11

  Forfeits 0-1


C. Rodeffer vs. D. Hale

1.F6-F8 F11-F9

2.H6-H8 E11-G9

3.D6-D8 H11-F11

4.C6-C7 G11-E9

5.E7-D6 Forfeits 1-0


C. Rodeffer vs. D. Hale

1.E6-G8 H11-F9

2.H6-H8 E11-G9

3.F6-F8 F11-H9

4.I6-J7 C11-E9

5.G6-I8 Forfeits 1-0


 D. Hale vs. M. Nolan

1.F6-F8 G10-E12-C10

2.H6-H8 F10-H12-J10

3.E6-E8 F11-D9

4.E7-E9 D10-D8xF10

5.G7-E9 F10-D10-D8xF10

  Forfeits 0-1


M. Nolan vs. D. Hale

1.E6-G8 H11-H9

2.G6-E8 F11-F9

3.C6-E6-G6 E11-E9

4.H7-J7 F9xH7xF5

5.D7-F9xD9xF11xF9xH11xJ9 I11-J10

6.F6xF4 J10xJ8

7.I7-K7xI9xG9xI11xK11 Resigns 1-0


D. Hale vs. M. Nolan

1.H6-F8 H11-F9

2.F6-H8 E10-G8

3.F7xH9xH11xJ9 F9xF7xH5xJ7xJ5

4.I7-J8 J11-J10

5.J9xJ11xH11xF9 C11-E9xG9xI7xK9

6.E6-E8 J5-J4

7.D6-D8 D10-E10

  Forfeits 0-1


 M. Nolan vs. D. Thomen

1.E6-G8 E10-G12

2.C6-E6 G10-I12-K10

3.G8-H9 H10xH8

4.H7xH9 D10-F12-H10xH8

5.G7xI9 J11-H9xJ9

6.J6-H8 H11-J11

7.I7-G5-G7-I9xK9xK11 I10-K12xK10

8.E7-G5-I7-G9 G12-G10

9.E6-G8 G11-H10

10.G9xG11xI9 K10-I12-I10xI8

11.H8xJ8 I11-I10

12.D7-C7 I10-I9

13.J8xH10 E11-G11

14.C7-E5-G7-G9xE11 G11xI9

15.E11xG11 D11-E10

16.F7-H5-H7-F9 C11-D11

17.G8-H7 E10xG8

18.H7-F5-F7xH9xJ9 Resigns 1-0


D. Thomen vs. M. Nolan

1.F7-D5-B7 H11-F9

2.C6-A8 J11-H11

3.F6-F7 E11-E9

4.J6-H8-F6 G10-E8

5.F6-D8xF8 E10-E8

6.F8xD8 I10-G10-E8XC6

7.B7xD5 D10-F8xF6xH8xJ6

8.I6xK6 E9xC7xE5xC5

9.H7-H5-F7 F9-F8

10.E7xG9xE11 F11-F10

11.E11xG9 H10xF8xF6xD6

12.H6-I5 G11-F10

13.K6-J6 C5-B6

14.A8-A7 B6-A5

15.G6-G5 C11-B10

16.J6-H4-F6 B10-A9

17.G5-G6 D6-C7

18.G6-E6 D11-C10

   Resigns 0-1


D. Thomen vs. M. Nolan

1.E6-G8 H11-H9

2.G6-E8 J11-H11

3.D6-C7 H10-H8

4.G8xI8 H9xJ7xJ5

5.I6xK4 F11-H9

6.E8-G6-G8 F10-H10-H8

7.G7xI9xG9 D11-F9

8.G9xE9 E10xE8xG6xI8xI6xG6xE6xC8

9.C7xC9 H11-F11-H9xF7xD7xB5

  Resigns 0-1


 C. Rodeffer vs. D. Thomen

1.F6-F8 H11-H9

2.E6-G8 J11-H11

3.F8-E8 E11-E9

4.H6-F8 C11-E11

5.I6-J7 E9-D8

6.E7xC9 E11-E9xE7xC7xC5xE7xG9

Resigns 0-1


D. Thomen vs. C. Rodeffer

1.F7-D5-B7 F11-F9

2.E7-C7 G10-G9

3.C6-E8xG10xI12xK10 H10-G10

4.H7-G8 D11-D9

5.D7-F5-F7-H9xJ11xH11xF11xH9xF9xF11xD11xB11 Resigns 1-0


C. Rodeffer vs. D. Thomen

1.H6-H8 E10-G12

2.G7-E5-C7 F10-H12-J10

3.E6-E8 D10-F12-F10

4.G6-G7 E11-G9

5.I6-J7 I11-I9

6.H7-I8 J11-J9xH7xH9

Resigns 0-1





                DG Jerry John DW  Total
David Greene    X    0    0    1    1
Jerry LaSala    1    X    1    1    3
John Lawson     1    0    X    1    2
David Whitcher  0    0    0    X    0


  J. Lawson vs. D. Whitcher

1.E6-G8         G11-G9

2.H6-H8         D11-D9

3.C6-E8xC10xC12 E10-E12

4.C12-B13       F11-H9

5.F6-D8         Resigns 1-0


  D. Whitcher vs. J. Lawson

1.E6-E8        G11-G9

2.J6-H8        F11-F9

3.E8-D9        E10xC8xE6xG8xI8

4.I7xI9xG11xE9 D10-D12-F10-F8xD10

5.C6-E6        F9-F8

  Resigns 0-1


  D. Whitcher vs. J. Lawson

1.F7-F8 F11-F9

2.G6-F7 G11-G9

3.G7-H8 C11-E9xG7xE5xC7xC5

4.H6-G7 G10-G8

5.H8xF8 C5-D4

  Resigns 0-1


  D. Greene vs. J. LaSala

1.E6-E8                    E11-E9

2.J6-H8                    G11-G9

3.G6-I8                    J11-H9xJ7xH5

4.D7-F9xH9xJ11             D10-F8xD8

5.C6-E6-E8xC8              I11xK11

6.I7-G9xE11xG11xI11xG9xG11 H5-G4

7.G11-H10                  E9-D9

8.H7-H9-H11                D9xB7

9.G7-I9-G11                E10-F11

10.G11xE11                 D11xF11

11.H10-H12                 C11-D11

12.H12-I12                 D11-E12

13.H11-H12                 F11-F12

14.E7-G7-I9                K11-J12

15.I12xK12                 E12-G12xI12

16.H8-J10                  G4-G3

17.I9-K11-K13              B7-B6

18.K12-K14                 B6-A5

19.K14-J14                 I12-I13

20.J14xH12                 F12-G11

21.H12xF10                 A5-A4

22.K13-J13                 A4-B3

23.J10-I11                 B3-C2

24.I11-J12                 C2-D2

25.J12-K12                 D2-E2

26.K12-I14                 G3-F2

27.J13-H15                 E2-F1

28.I14-G16                 F2-G1 Wins 0-1


  J. LaSala vs. D. Greene

1.E6-E8          J11-H9

2.D7-C7          F11-F12

3.C6-E6-G8       H9-F11-F9xD7xB7

4.G8-E6-C6xA8    H11-H9

5.F7-D7          G10-F9

6.F6-E6          F10-E9

7.D7-C8          D10-F10-D8xF6xH8

8.I7xG9xI9       I10xI8

9.H7xJ9          E11-D10

10.H6-I7         E9-F8

11.E6-E7         F8-F10

12.C8-B7         F9-G10

13.I6-I8         D11-E11

14.J6-J7         E10-F11

15.J7-H9xH11xJ11 C11-D11

16.I8-K10-I12    F11-E10

17.J9-J10        D11-F11-H11xJ13

18.J10-J12       G10-G12

19.J12xJ14       G12-H11

20.J11-K12       H11-H12

21.J14-J13       E10-F11

22.K12-K13       F11-F13

23.J13-I14       E11-G13

24.K13-J13       F12-G12

25.J13-H15       G13-G14

26.I14-G16       H12-G13

27.G16-F16       F10-F11

28.H15-G16 Wins 1-0


  J. LaSala vs. D. Greene

1.H6-J8          H11-H9

2.J8-J9          I10xK8

3.J6-H6-J8xL8    C11-E9

4.F6-F8          J11-I10

5.I6-I8          H9xJ7

6.C6-E8-G8-I6xK8 G10-H9

7.G6-G8          I10-G10-I8xG6xE8xC6

8.G8xI10xI12     F11-F9

9.D6xB6          F9xF7xH7xJ7xL9xL7

10.E7-E5         E10-E8

11.E6-E4         D10-F8-D8

12.B6-C5         E9-E7

13.C5-D4         G11-E9-C7

14.E5-E3         E8-E6

15.D4-F2         C7-D6

16.E4-E2-G2      D8-D7

17.E3-F3         D6-D5

18.I12-J11       D7-C6

19.J11-J10       E6-F6

20.J10-J9        C6-C5

21.J9-J8         F6-G6

22.J8-J7         L7-K8

23.J7xL9         E7-F7

24.L9-K8         F7-H5

25.K8-K7         G6-I4

26.K7-K6         H5-I5

27.K6-K5         E11-G9

28.K5-K4         F10-H8

29.K4-K3         D5-D4

30.F3-E3         I5-J5

31.G2-H2         I4-H5

32.K3-K4         J5-I6

33.K4-J3         H5-G4

34.J3-I2         I6-H5

35.I2-G2-E2      H5-F3xD3xF1

36.F2-G2         D4-E3

37.H2-I2         C5-D4

38.I2-H2         D4-D3

39.H2-I2         D3-E2

40.I2-H2         E3-F2

41.G2-F3         E2-G2xI2

42.F3xH5         F2-G1 Wins 0-1


J. LaSala vs. D. Whitcher

1.E6-C8                    E11-E9

2.J6-H8                    G10-G9

3.C6-E6-G8xG10xE12xC10xC12 F10-E11

4.F6-F8                    E9-D9

5.D6-D8                    D10-F10-D12xB12

6.D8xD10xF10xH12xJ10xJ12   Resigns 1-0


  D. Whitcher vs. J. LaSala

1.D6-C7 E11-E9

2.F7-F8 F10-H12-J10

3.E6-D6 G10-H9

4.F6-D8 I10-G8xE8xC8xE6xE8

5.G7-H8 H11-G10

  Resigns 0-1


  J. LaSala vs. D. Whitcher

1.E6-E8                  G11-E9

2.J6-H8                  H10-G9

3.F6-F8                  E9-F9

4.F8xH10xJ10xJ12xH10xH12 F10-E9

5.H8-F6-D8xF10xD12xB10   Resigns 1-0


  D. Greene vs. J. Lawson

1.E6-E8    H11-F9

2.J6-J7    E11-E9

3.I6-I8    J11-H11

4.G7-H8    C11-E11

5.H6-G7    I10-I12

6.F6-F8    F9-G8

7.H7xF9xD9 D10xD8xF6xH6xJ8xJ6

8.D6-E7    E11-G9xI7xI9

  Resigns 0-1


  J. Lawson vs. D. Greene

1.H6-H8                   C11-E9

2.J6-H6                   H11-H9

3.G6-G8                   G10-H11

4.C6-E8-G6-I8xG10xI12xK10 H10-J10

5.F7-F8                   J10xL10

6.D7-F7-H9xJ11xH11        G11xI11

7.H7-F9                   E9xG9

8.G8xG10xE12xD11          D10xB10

9.F8-E9                   E10xE8

10.E7xE9xG11              B10-C10

11.G7-I9                  Resigns 1-0


  D Greene vs. J. Lawson

1.E6-E8             F11-F9

2.J6-J7             H11-H9

3.C6-E6             E11-E9

4.H6-J8             G11-I9

5.J7-J9xH11         D10-F8xH6xH8xJ6xH6

6.E6-G8xI10xI12xK10 C11-E11-G9-I11xG11

7.G6xI6             I9xK7

8.K10-K11           F10-F8

9.E7xG9xI11         E9xE7xC7xE5xG7xE7

10.I11-J12          F9-H11

   Game abandoned with match decided; adjudicated 0-1


  D. Greene vs. D. Whitcher

1.E6-E8        G10-H9

2.C6-E6        E11-E9

3.G6-G8        H11-G10

4.D7-F9xH11xJ9 Resigns 1-0


  D. Whitcher vs. D. Greene

1.G7-G8  E11-C9

2.F6-D8  C11-E11-G9xG7xI5xK7

3.D8xB10 F10-E9

4.E6-F6  J11-H9

5.C6-B7  I10-G8xE6xC8xA6

  Resigns 0-1


  D. Whitcher vs. D. Greene

1.E7-C7       H11-H9

2.G7-G8       G11-G9

3.G6-G7       C11-C10

4.I6-G6-E8    J11-H11

5.J6-H8-F8-D8 C10-C11


  Game abandoned with match decided; adjudicated 0-1 (6...F10-H8, 7.G7xI9xG11 G9xG7xI5, 8.G11xG9xI9 I10xI8xI6xG8xE6xC8, 9.D8xB8)


 J. LaSala vs. J. Lawson

1.E6-E8 H11-F9

2.H6-H8 E11-E9

3.I7-G9xE11xC9 F11-F10

4.J6-H6-F8xD10xB12 G11-E9-E11

5.C9-B9 J11-H9-F11

6.E8-D9 Resigns 1-0


J. Lawson vs. J. LaSala

1.E6-E8 E11-E9

2.H6-F8 J11-H9

3.G6-G8 I11-I9

4.E8-G6 G11-G9

5.F6-H8 E9-F9

6.H8xJ10 C11-E11-G11-I9xK11

7.D6-D8-F6-H8 H9-J11

8.J6-H6 E10-C10

9.G8xE10xG12 H11xF13

10.G6-E8 G10-H9

11.H8-G8 G9-I9

12.H6-H8xJ10xJ12xL10 H9-H11

13.H7-H8 Resigns 1-0


 J. Lawson vs. J. LaSala

1.H6-H8 D11-C10

2.F6-F8 F11-D9

3.G6-F6 H11-H9

4.E6-G6 I10-G8xE8xE6xG8xI8

5.J6-H8xJ8 H10-J12-J10

6.J8-H6-H8xH10xF12 E11xG13

7.F6-H8 C11-E9-G11-G9

8.C6-E6 D9-E9

9.I6-H6 I11-K11-I9

10.I7-G5 G9xI7

11.H7xJ7 F10-G9

12.D7-F5 J11-J9

13.D6-F6 J10-J8

14.F5-H5 J8xJ6

15.G5-I7xK5 I9-I8

16.G7-H7 G10-H9

17.H5-G5 J9-I9

18.H7xJ9 D10-F10-H8-H10-J8xJ10

19.E6-F5 E9-D9

20.K5-J5 E10-C8

21.J5-I5 C10-C9

22.I5-G7-E5 D9-B7

23.H6-F4-D6 C8-D9

24.E5-C7xA7 J10-H8

25.F6-F4 C9-D8

26.D6-E5 H8-H10-J8

27.F4-H6 H9-J9

28.A7-B6 J8-K8

29.F5-H5 I9-K9-K7

30.G6-I6 J9-L7-J7

31.H6-I5 K7-J8

32.I5-H6 J8-K7

33.E5-F6 K7-I7xI5xG7xE5

34.H5-F5xD5 J7-K7

35.B6-C6 D8-D7

36.C6xE8xC10 K8-K6

37.D5-E5 K7-K5

38.E5-F5 K6-K4

39.G5-G4 K5-K3

40.F5-H3 K3-J3

41.G4-I2 J3-J2

42.H3-H2 K4-K3

43.C10-D9 G9-H8

44.D9-E8 H8-I7

45.E8-F7 I7-I6

46.F7-G6 I6-I5

47.G6-G5 I5-I4

48.I2-G2 I4-J3

49.H2-F2 J3-I2

50.G5-G4 I2-H2

51.G2xI2 J2xH2

52.G4-F3 K3-J2

53.F3-E2 J2-I2

54.E2-G2 G13-G12

   Resigns 0-1