Membership in the World Camelot Federation is free.  The organization is non-profit and is meant to serve as an informal network of individuals interested in any and all aspects of the game of Camelot, and any of its variants.  Interests of members might, for instance, include any of the following:

1. Playing Camelot or one of its variants against other players by mail, email, or over the board.

2. Developing a new variant of Camelot.

3. Playing against a Camelot computer program.

4. Assisting in the development of a Camelot computer program.

5. Collecting Camelot sets (there are more than 50 different editions).

6. Having an interest in the history of games.

7. Having an interest in abstract strategy board games.

8. Having an interest in Parker Brothers' games.

Membership comes with no requirement.  You can be involved as much or as little as you want.  If you wish, you can keep your postal address secretmany members simply give their name and email address.  The benefits of membership are based entirely upon how much you wish to put into itthe only thing you will receive is an occasional email from me containing Camelot-related news on issues like Camelot computer programs, rules questions, editions of sets, legal issues, games, problems, etc.


I hope you take advantage of this chance to learn about one of the greatest games ever invented.


To receive a free WCF membership, all you need do is to send me an email at michael@worldcamelotfederation.com.


Michael Nolan

President, World Camelot Federation