Following are the solutions to the Camelot problems that appear here.


Problem #1:
1.I13-G13-I15 H15xJ15
2.H13-G12     F13xH11xJ13
3.H14-G15     any          
4.G15-G16     any          
5.E15-F16 Wins
Problem #2:
1.D3-C4                C2xE2
2.D4-B4-D2             E2xC2
3.C4-B3                C2xC4
4.B3xD5xD7xF7xF5xD5xF7 G1-F1
5.Any                  F1-G1
6.Any Wins
Problem #3:
1.H3-I4 J3xH5
2.H2-F4-F2-H4xH6xF8xD10xF10xF12 Wins
Problem #4:
1.H4-H6          I6xG6
2.G4-I6xI8xK8xI6 G6xG4
3.H5xF3xD5xD3 Wins
Problem #5:
1.L7-L8 L9xL7
2.J6-K7 L7xJ7
3.C6-E4-G6-E6-G4-I6xK8xI10xI8xG10xE10xG12xG10 Wins
Problem #6:
1.I2-H3       G2xI4
2.K4-J5       I4xK6
3.D7-F5-H7-J7 K6xI8xI6
4.G8-H7       I6xG8
5.F7xH9xH11xF11xD9xF9xF11xH9xJ11xL11xJ9xL9xL7xJ7 F1-G1
6.Any         G1-F1
7.Any Wins
Problem #7:
1.I11-J11 K12xI10xG12
2.F11xH13xH15xF13xF15xD13 Wins
Problem #8:
1.J11-J12         K11xI13
2.E12-G12-E14xG16 G14xE12xG12
3.H10-J12xH14xF16 Wins
Problem 9:
1.E8-F9    F10xF8
2.C5-E7xG9 H10xF8
3.H8-H10xH12xF14xF16 Wins
Problem 10:
1.D3-C4             B4xD4
2.F3-E4             F5xD3
3.E2xC4xE4xG4xG6xI4 F1-G1
4.Any               G1-F1
5.Any Wins
Problem 11:
1.E4-F5       E6xG4
2.C8-A6-A8-C6 C5xC7
3.B7xD7xF7xH7xH5xF3xH3xF1 Wins


Problem 12:

If: 1....I10xK10
Then: 2.D6-F6-H8-J10xH12xF10xF12xD10xD12 Wins
If: 1....I10xI8
Then: 2.J10xH12xF10xF12xD10xD12 Wins
If: 1....I11xK9
Then: 2.D6-F6-H8-J10xH10xF12xF10xD12xD10 Wins