The contest pictured above is being waged between two 1/12th scale dollhouse figures.

This "Camelot Dollhouse Diorama" is part of the WCF collection.


The Camelot set pictured above is the one used in the "Camelot Dollhouse Diorama."

It was amazingly produced to perfect 1/12th scale by Louise Campbell, owner of lcDollnMini.


Patrick Stevens' Grand Camelot set



Darrel Larson's custom Oak and Walnut Camelot board and pieces



Michael Nolan's Camelot set made from a PB Tournament Board and two sets of 1940s Kingsway Florentine Chess pieces



This Camette board was a gift from Mark Holden and the Camelot Kids to Michael Nolan.



A Camelot set made from LEGO® blocks by Michael Nolan.



From a 1943 issue of Popular Science, woodturning plans for the construction of Camelot pieces.



A homemade Camelot set in use by the Camelot Kids.



A homemade Camette set in use by the Camelot Kids.



A homemade Camelot set made by Mark Holden.



A Camelot set with a 28" x 36" custom board and custom pieces made for Michael Nolan.

Board: Bloodwood, Walnut, and Maple, made by Dean Mazzei, Woodcraft Chessboards, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

Pieces: Walnut and Maple, made by David Schneider, Quiet Elegance Woodturning, Eden Prairie, MN 55347


A homemade wooden Camelot peg set made by Michael Nolan.


A homemade ceramic tile Camelot set made by Michael Nolan.



Here is Paul Bramwell Smith, the inventor of Grand Cam, showcasing the beautiful board that he constructed.  The pieces are from an Inside Moves set.







A homemade Tri-Camelot set made by Michael Nolan.



The top view of a homemade Camette board.



A homemade Camette set.



A homemade Camelot board made by Mark Holden.



A homemade Grand Camelot board made by Mark Holden.



A homemade Camelot board made by Mark Holden.



Mark Thompson's Camelot board and piece design.



Joćo Pedro Neto's unique Camelot board design using intersections rather than squares.



Joćo Pedro Neto's Camette board and pieces.



A French website's Camelot board.



A French website's Chivalry board.



A Polish website's Chivalry board.



John Savard's renditions of Chivalry, Camelot, Grand Camelot, and Cam boards.  (The Grand Camelot piece setup has been modified to conform to WCF Grand Camelot Rules.)