With the exception of the games of the 2002-2003 and 2008-2009 WCF Camelot World Championship Tournaments (listed elsewhere on this website), there are only 31 known recorded Camelot games played prior to November 27, 2008, when Camelot went live on the ig Game Center and BrainKing Internet game portals.  Those 31 games, perhaps of some historical interest, follow below.


Please take special note of the 32nd game listed on this page, played by Daniel Jirka, Jr. and S. L. Bosse in 2008 on BrainKing.  It is the first known recorded game of Camelot that ended in a theoretically drawn position.


Recent Camelot games of interest will be added to this page periodically.  Anyone who wishes to submit a Camelot game score for listing consideration should forward it, in algebraic format, preferably dated, to Michael Nolan at michael@worldcamelotfederation.com.  The website owner reserves the right to make all inclusion decisions.  Please remember that game scores cannot be  copyrighted, but annotations here are copyrighted, and may not be used without permission.  I hope you enjoy these games!



??? vs. ??? 1930
1.E6-E8 J11-J10
2.C6-E6-G8 H10-I9
3.F6-F8 F10-H10-J8
4.I7xK9 J10-H8xF6xD8
5.E8xC8 C11-E9xG7xI7xI5xG7xE7xC7xE5
Resigns 0-1
??? vs. ??? 1930
1.G6-G8 J11-J10
2.F6-F8 H10-I9
3.C6-E8-G6 F10-H10-J8
4.I7xK9 J10-H8xF6xD8
5.G6-E8xC8 C11-E9xG7xI7xI5xG7xE7xC7xC9
Resigns 0-1
Charles Hanford Parker vs. ??? 1930
1.G7-G8 F11-F9
2.I7-G7 H11-J9
3.H6-F8 G10-E8
4.E7xE9xG9 F10xH8xH6
5.D7-F5-H7xH5 H10-G10
6.I6-H7 J9-H11-F11-H9
7.F6-H8 D10-F10-H10
8.H5-I6 G11-G9
9.H8xF10xD10xD12xB10 H10-H8xH6xF6xH8
10.G8xI8 H9xJ7xJ5xH7
11.E6-G8 H7xF9
12.F8xF10xH10xJ10xJ12xH10 Resigns 1-0
??? vs. ??? 1930
1.E7-C7 E11-E9
2.E6-C8 J11-H9
3.F7-H5-J7 F11-F9
4.C8-C9 D10-D12-B10xD8xB6
5.D7-D5-B7xB5 F9-F8
6.F6-H8 I11-I9
7.H8xJ10 C11-E11-G9-E7xC5xC7
8.J6-J8 I10xK10
9.I7-K7-I9xG9xE11xC11 F8-D10
10.C11xB12 G11-I9
11.J8-I7 K10-J10
12.H6-H8 G10-G9
13.H8xF10xD8xB6 J10-H8xH6xJ6xJ8xH6xF6xH8
Resigns 0-1
??? vs. ??? 1930
(Annotations by M. Nolan)
1.G6-G8 J11-J10
2.C6-E8-G6-I8 H11-J9
3.I7-I9xK11 I10-H11
4.I8xK10 H11-J11xL11xJ9
5.H6-I7 J9-I10
6.E6-E8 I10-H11
7.I7-H8 G11-G9
8.H8-I9 H11-H9xJ9
9.D7-F9xH9xH11xJ11 J9-I10
10.J11xH9 G10xI8xG6xE6xC6
11.J6-H6-F8 E11-E9
12.I6-H7 C11-E11
13.H7-F9 E9xG9
14.G8xG10xE12xC10 E11-C9xC11
15.E7-E9 F10xD8
16.E8xC8 C11-E9-E11-C9xC7
17.G7-E7 E10-D9
(not 18.E7-E8? D9-D8, 19.E8xC8 C7xC9, Resigns)
18...... D9xD7
19.E7xC7 Resigns 1-0
Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan 1999
1.E6-E8 H11-F9
2.C6-E6 E11-E9
3.H6-H8 D10-F8xH6xJ8
4.H8-I7 J8xH6xH8
5.G6-G7 C11-E11-G9-I7xI5xK7
Resigns 0-1
Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan 1999
1.E6-E8 H11-F9
2.J6-J7 H10-I9
3.G6-I8 D10-F12-H10-J8xJ6xH8xJ8
4.H7-H5-J7 I10-I8xK6
5.I6-I7 J8-H10-J12-J10-H8xJ6
6.H6-I7 K6-I6xI8
7.G7-G8          F9xH7
8.C6-E6-G8xI6xK6 G10-H10
Resigns 0-1

  Michael Nolan vs. Dave Blizzard  1999
1.E7-C7            E11-E9
2.G7-H8            G11-G9
3.G6-G7            H11-H9
4.E6-G8            G10-E12
5.G8xG10xI8        J11-H9xJ7xJ5
6.I6xK4            E10-E8
7.I7-G9xE11xE13    E8xG6xI6xG8xG6xE6xC8
8.C7xC9xE11xG11xI9 I10xI8xG8
And Black won in 25 moves 0-1
  Michael Nolan vs. Dave Blizzard  1999
1.E6-G8                          G10-E12-C10
2.H6-F8                          H11-H9
3.C6-E6                          F10-G10
4.E7-G9                          D10-F10xH8xH6xJ8
5.D7-F5-H7-F9xH11xJ9xJ7          C10-E12-G10-I10
6.G8-G9                          H9xF9
7.F8xF10xF12xD10xF10xH12xJ10xJ12 Resigns 1-0
  Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan  1999
1.E6-E8                  H11-F9
2.H6-F8                  F11-H9
3.G6-G8                  E11-E9
4.H7-J7                  F9xH7xJ5
5.D7-F9xD9xF11xF9xH11xJ9 Resigns 1-0
  Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan  1999
1.E6-E8               J11-J10
2.G6-I8               G11-I9
3.H7-J7               F11-F9
4.I6-G6-G8            F9xH7xH5
5.J7-J8               I9xK7xI5
6.D7-F9xF11xH9xJ11xJ9 H5-H4
7.I7-H6               E10-F10
8.J9-H7-H5xJ5         C11-E9-G11-I9xI7xG5
9.C6-E6-G6xG4xI4      E11-G9
10.E8-D9              D10xD8
11.E7xC9              G9-E11-C11
12.J5-I5              D11-D10
13.C9xE11xG9          H10xF8xH6xJ4xH4
And Black won in 39 moves 0-1
  Michael Nolan vs. Dave Blizzard  1999
1.G6-G8            G11-I9
2.J6-H8xJ10xJ12    I11xK13
3.I6-J6            H10-I9
4.E6-G6-I8         F10-H10-J8
5.I7xK9            I9xI7xG5
6.C6-E6-G6xG4      D10-F10-H10-J10xL8
7.J6-K7            L8xJ6
8.G8-I6            J6xH6xF8
And White won in 23 moves 1-0
  Michael Nolan vs. Dave Blizzard  1999
1.F6-F8            H11-H9
2.E6-G8            D11-C10
3.H6-H8            E10-F9
4.G8xE10xE12       I10-G8xE6xE8xG8xI8
5.H7xJ9            F11xD13
6.G6-F6            H9-H8
7.J6-H6-J8-J10xH12 H8xJ6xH6xF8
8.F6-E7            G11xI13
9.E7xG9xI11xK11    G10-H9
And Black won in 46 moves 0-1
  Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan  1999
1.E6-E8     H11-F9
2.I6-G8     J11-H11
3.C6-E6     E11-G9
4.G6-H5     C11-E11
5.E6-D5     H10-F8
6.G7xE9xC11 G9xG7xE5xC5
7.D6xB4     D11xB11
8.J6-I6     F10-F8
9.E7xG9xE9  F11-D11-F9
10.E9xG9    E11-E9xE7xG7xI5xG5
And Black won in 61 moves 0-1
  Ken Wheeler vs. Michael Nolan  1999
1.D7-F5      E11-G9
2.E6-G8      C11-E11
3.C6-E6      D10-F12
4.D6-F8      D11-F9
5.F6-H8      H11-H9
6.F5-F6      J11-H11
7.I6-J7      E10-G12
8.G8xE10xE12 I10-G8xI6xK6xI8xI6
  Resigns 0-1
  Michael Nolan vs. Paul Yearout  1999
1.E6-G8                   H11-H9
2.H6-F8                   J11-H11
3.C6-E6                   E11-G9
4.J6-H6                   C11-E11
5.I7-G5                   D11-F9
6.D7-F5                   D10-F12
7.H6-F4                   I11-I9
8.I6-H6                   G11-E9
9.F8xD10                  E11xC9
10.H7-H5                  F9xH7
11.H6xH8xJ10              H11-J9xJ11
12.F7-E8                  E10-F9
13.E8-E9                  F10xD8
14.F5-D7xD9xB9            F12-F10-F8xH6xH4
15.G5xI3                  H9-G8
16.E6-F5                  J11-H9
17.E7-E8                  H9-F7xH5
18.D6-E5                  F9xD7
19.F5-F7xH9xF9xH11xH9xJ11 Resigns 1-0
  Dan Hale vs. Bud Hale  1999
1.D6-F8             H11-H9
2.I6-G8             F11-F9
3.F6-H8             E11-E9
4.G6-E8             C11-E11
5.J6-J7             D11-D9
6.E8xC10            J11-H11-F11-D9xB11
7.H6-J8             I11-H11
8.C6-E8-G6-I8       E11-G9-I11
9.H8-I9             H9xJ9
10.J8xJ10xH12       I10-G12xI12
11.J7-H9xF11xD9xD11 I12-G10
12.G8xE10xE8        Resigns 1-0
  Michael Nolan vs. Kerry Handscomb  1999
1.E6-G8       E11-G9
2.C6-E6       C11-E11
3.H6-F8       H11-F9
4.J6-H6       J11-H11
5.I7-G5       I10-G12
6.D7-F5       D10-F12
7.F6-D8       F9-E8
8.F5-D7xF9xH9 H10xH8xF6xH4
9.H6-G7       F11-F9
  Resigns 0-1
  Michael Nolan vs. Dan Hale  1999
1.E6-G8    J11-H9
2.F7-H5    H9xF7xF5
3.I7-G5xE5 E11-E9
4.H6-F8    F11-F9
5.H5-F7    H11-H9
6.G6-G8    I11-I9
7.C6-E8-G6 H10-H8
8.G8xI8    I10-G8xE6xC6xE8xE6xE4
  Resigns 0-1
  Dan Hale vs. Michael Nolan  1999
1.C6-E8     E11-E9
2.F6-F8     H11-F9
3.H6-H8     C11-E11
4.G6-G8     J11-H11
5.J6-J7     F10-D8
6.E8xC8     E11-C9xC7xE5
7.D7-F5xD5  D11-D9
8.F8xF10xD8 D9xD7xF5
9.G7-F6     E10-E9
10.F6xF4    I10-G12-E10-E8xG6xI8xH6
   Resigns 0-1
  Paul Yearout  vs. Michael Nolan  1999
(annotations by M. Nolan)
1.E6-E8             H11-F9
2.C6-E6             J11-H11
3.H6-F8             E11-G9
4.G7-E9!            F10xD8?
(4....F9xD9, 5.E8xC10xC12 D11xB13, 6.I7-G7-E9xE11xC9 G11-E9, 7.E6-E8xE10xG12 H11xF13 is better)
(5.J6-H8xF10xH12xJ10! I10xK10, 6.E7xC9xE11xG11xI11xG9xE9xE11 D11xF11, 7.I7-G7-E9-E7-G9xG11xE11 wins)
5......             D10-F10-H8xH6xJ8!
(6.D7-F9xH9xF11xD9xD7 H11-J9-J7xJ5xH7xF5, 7.F6xF4 C11-E11xG13 is better)
6......             H11-H9-F9xD7xF5xH7xJ5xJ7!
7.J11xH11xH9xF9     C11-E11xG13
and Black won in 50 moves 0-1
  Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan  1999
(annotations by M. Nolan)
1.E6-E8             H11-F9
2.H6-H8             E11-G9
3.H8-H6-F8          G11-E9
(4.j6-H8-H6 with an even game)
4......             E9xC9??
(4......E10xC8xE6, 5.E8xE10xC12xC10xE10xG12 F9xF7xD7xD5xB7, 6.F6xD6 G10-F11, 7.G12xE10xG10xG8 J11-H9xF7xH5xJ7xJ5 wins)
(5.J6-H8 F9xF7xD9, 6.C6-E8-E6-C8xC10xC12 D11xB13, 7.H7-H9 G10xI8xG8, 8.D7-F7-H7xF9xH9xH11xJ9 with an even game)
5......             F9xF7xF5?
(5.... F9xF7xH5xJ7xJ5, 6.C12-D12 D11xD13, 7.D7-F9xH11xH9xF9xD11xD9 with advantage)
6.G6xE4             D10-D12xB12
7.D7-F9xH9xH11xJ9   J11-H11-F9xD7xD5xF3
8.G7-F8             E10-E9
9.F8xD10xD12        I11-I10
10.J9xH11xF9        F10xF8xD6
and White won in 31 moves 1-0
  Michael Nolan vs. Dave Blizzard  1999
(annotations by M. Nolan)
1.E6-G8     E11-E9
(2.J6-H8-F8 with an even game)
2......     J11-H9xJ7xJ5
3.I7-I5xK5  I11-I9
(4.G8-G6 with an even game)
4......     H11-F9?
(4.... H10-H9, 5.F7-H7-H5 D10-F8xH8, 6.K5-I5-I7xG9xE11 I10-G8xG6xE6xE8, 7.D7xF9xD9 E10xE12 with an advantage)
(5.I6-G6-E8 D10-F8xH8, 6.E8-E6-G8 F9xH7xH5, 7.F6-E6 I10-I8-G8xG6xE8, 8.D7-F7xD9xF9xH11xH9xH7 with an advantage)
5......     F9xH7
6.H6xH8xJ10 C11-E11-G9-I11xK9
7.J5-K6     G10-H9
(8.F7-G6 D10-F8xH6xH4, 9.D7-F7-H5xH3 is better)
8......     D10-E11??
(8....H9-H8, 9.G8xI8 E10-E8, 10.F7xD9xF9 I10-G10xE8xE6xG6xI4 wins)
(9.G8-E6 F10-D8, 10.E7xC9 D11-C10, 11.C9xC11 E9-D10, 12.C11xE9 E10xE8xG6xI4 wins)
9......     E11-G9xG7xE5
10......    I10-G8xE6xE8?
(10.... E10-E8, 11.F7xD9xF9 F10xF8xD6xB6xD8 is better)
and Black won in 47 moves 0-1
  Dave Blizzard vs. Michael Nolan  1999
1.F6-F8              G10-H9
2.E6-C8              H9-H8
3.G7xI9              C11-E9xG7xI5xK7
4.I9-H8              F11-D9
5.C8-D8              H11-H9
6.F7-G7              K7-L6
7.E7-C9              D10xB8
8.D8xD10xF12         J11-H11-F11xF13
9.I7-G9xE11xE9       B8-A7
10.E9-E10            D11xF9
11.C6-E8xG10xG12xE14 L6-K5
12.D6-D8             K5-J4
13.D7-D9             H9-G9
14.H8-F10            I10-G10xE10xC8xE8
And Black won in 40 moves 0-1
  Michael Nolan vs. Dave Blizzard  1999
(annotations by M. Nolan)
1.E6-G8                 H11-F9
2.F7-H9                 H10xH8xF8
3.E7xG9xE9              F10xD8
(slightly better is 4.I7-G5-E7xC9 D10-F10-D12-B10xD8, 5.C6-E6-C8xE8)
4......                 D10-F10xD8
5......                 J11-H11
(slightly better is 5.... E11-F10)
(slightly better is 6.H6-F8-D8)
6......                 E11-E9
(slightly better is 6.... F11-H9)
(7.F6-E7 with an even game)
7......                 E9-E8
8......                 C11-E11-E9xC9
(slightly better is 8.... E10xC8)
(9.D6-D7 is much better, though Black retains his advantage)
9......                 I10xI8xG8
10.H7xF9                E10xG8
(11.E6-F5 F11-H9-F7, 12.G6xE8 G8-G7, 13.F5-F7-D9xB9 G7xE5xC7 is much better, though Black retains his advantage)
11......                F11-E10??
(11.... G10-E12-C10-C8, 12.H7xF9 C9-C7xE5xE7xG5, 13.J6-H6xF4 F11-G10, 14.F9-G9 G10xG8 wins)
12.H7xF9                E10xG8
13.E6-F5                G8-G9
14.J6-H6                D11-E10
15.I6-H7                G9-H10
16.H7-H5                E10-E9
17.H6-G5                C9-D10
18.H5-G6                I11-G9
19.D6-E6                G11-I9
20.E6-G4                H11-I10
21.G5-G3                G10-H9
22.F5-H3-F3             H10-J8
23.F6-H6                I10-J9
24.F3-H3                D10-F8-H10
25.H3-F3                E9-F10
26.H6-H5                F10-G10
27.F3-F2                G10-I8
28.G6-I4                G9-G8
29.G3-G2                G8-H7
30.H5-F3                I9-I7
31.I4-H3                H10-H8
32.H3-F5                H9-G8
33.G4-G3                G8-I6
34.G3-F4                J9-J7
35.F4-F6                H8-J6
36.F6-F7                H7-G7?
(36.... H7-G8, 37.F7xH9 I8xG10 with Black retaining his advantage)
37.F7xH7xJ5             J6xJ4
38.F5-G4                J4-J5
39.G4-H4                I8-I6??
(39.... J7-K6 with Black retaining his advantage)
40.G2-E2-G4-I4xK6xI8xK8 Resigns 1-0
  John Bosley vs. Michael Nolan  2000
1.E6-G8 H11-F9
2.H6-F8 E11-G9
3.F6-H8 C11-E11
4.G6-E8 J11-H11
5.D6-D8 E11-E9xC7xC5
6.F8-D6 G11-E9
7.D6xB4 D10-F8xD8xD6xF8xH6xJ8
  Resigns 0-1
  Paul Yearout vs. Michael Nolan  2001
(annotations by M. Nolan)
1.E6-E8                 H11-F9
2.C6-E6                 J11-H11
3.H6-H8                 E11-G9
4.J6-H6                 C11-E11
5.I6-G8                 G11-E9
6.D6-F8                 F11-H9
(7.H8-I9 H10xJ8, 8.H6-H8xH10xJ12 J8xH6xH8, 9.G7xI9xI11xG11 G10xG12, 10.G8xG10 E9xG7xG5, 11.E6-G6xG4 E11-E9-G9xG11, 12.E8xG10 F10xH10 is better)
7.......                G9xI7
8.H6-H8xJ6              H10-G9?
(8....F10-G9!, 9.F8xF10xH8 D10-F8xD6xD8xF8xH6xF4 wins)
9.F8xH10xH12xJ10xH10xH8 D10-F8xD8xD6xF8xH6xF4
10.H8-G7                F10-F8
11.G8xE8                E9xE7xE5
12.F6xD4                E11-F10
13.G7-H6                D11-E11
14.J6-I7                F4-F3
15.F7-G7                E11-G9
16.I7-I6                E10-G8
17.G7-G5                F10-F11?
(17....F3-E2! with an even game)
18.G6-F7                G8xE6
19.I6-G8xE10xG12        G9-F8
20.G5-G4                F3xH5
21.H6xH4                E6-F5
22.H7-I8                F8-F7
23.I8-I9                Resigns 1-0

Mark Thompson vs. Michael Nolan 2002
1.G7-G8 E11-G9
2.H6-G7 H11-F9
3.F6-F8 C11-E11
4.E6-E8 J11-H11
5.J6-H6 G9-H8
6.G7xI9 E11-G9xG7xI5
7.I6xI4 I10xI8xI6xG8xE6xC8
Resigns 0-1

Michael Nolan vs. Dan Troyka 2002
1.E6-G8 E11-E9
2.C6-E6 C11-E11
3.H6-H8 H11-F9
4.D6-F8 J11-H11
5.D7-F5 G10-E8
6.F8xD8 D10-F8xH6xJ8
7.H8-G7 E9xC7
8.H7-J5 H11-J9-J7xH5
9.G6xI4 I10-G10-E8xG6xE4
10.E6-E8xG10xI10xI12 G11-H12
11.I12xG12 F11xH13
12.G8-G9 F10xH8
13.G7xI9xK7 D11-F11-D9
14.K7-I5 E4-D5
15.E7-G5 C7-D6
16.J5-H5-F5 D9-D8
17.F6-G6 E11-E9-C7-E5-C5
18.F5-E4 C5-E5xE3
19.J6-H4-J4-H6-F4xD2 D6-D4
20.I4-H4 H13-G12
21.G6-G4 G12-F11
22.G5-G3 F11-D9-D7
23.G3-F3 E10-E9
24.D2-E3 Resigns 1-0

Clark Rodeffer vs. Michael Nolan 2002
1.F6-F8 H11-H9
2.G6-I8 H9xJ7xJ5
3.I6xK4 H10-H9
4.E6-E8 I10-G8xG6xI6xI8xG6
5.F7xH5 J11-H11-F9xF7xD9
6.C6-E8xC10xC12 D11xB13
7.D6-D8         E10-F9
8.D8-C8 G10-G9
9.E7-C7 F9-E8
Resigns 0-1

Paul Yearout vs. Michael Nolan 2003
1.E6-E8 G10-H9
2.C6-E6 F10-G10
3.F6-F8 H9-H8
4.E6-G8xI8 J11-H9xJ7xJ5
5.I6xK4 H10-H9
Resigns 0-1

Daniel Jirka, Jr. vs. S.L. Bosse  2008
1.F6-F8 F11-F9
2.G6-G8 G11-G9
3.E6-E8 E11-E9
4.H6-H8 H11-H9
5.J6-H6 J11-J10
6.C6-C7 C11-C10
7.D6-E6 C10-C9
8.C7-D6 C9-B8
9.D6-D8 E9XC7
10.D7XB7XB9 F9XD7XF5
11.I6-G6 F5-E4
12.I7-G5 G9XI7
13.H7XJ7 E4-D3
14.H6-F4 D3-E2
15.G6-G4 E2-F1
16.G4-F3 D10-C10
17.B9-C8 I10-I9
18.G8XI10XI8 I11-I10
19.G5-F5 G10-F9
20.F3-F2 H10-I9
21.J7-I7 J10-H8XF6XD8XB8
22.F8-E7 D11-D10
23.I8-J7 E10-E9
24.F7-E6 C10-E10-G10
25.J7-K8 I10-I8
26.I7-H6 G10-H9
27.K8-L9 H9-J9-H7XH5
28.L9-L10 I9-J10
29.L10-L11 J10-J11
30.F4-G4 H5XF3
31.F2XF4 I8-I7
32.E7-D8 E9XC7
33.F5-D7XB7XB9 I7-I6
34.F4-G3 I6-I5
35.G3-H3 F10-E9
36.B9-C8 D10-F8
37.C8-D7 E9-G7
38.D7-F5 F8-H6-J4
39.E6-G4-I2 G7-F7
40.F5-F4 F9-F8
41.F4-G3 J4-K3
42.I2-H2 K3-J2
43.G3-G2 I5-H6
44.H3-G3 F8-F6
45.L11-L10 F7-G6
46.L10-K9 H6-G5
47.K9-J8 F6-E5
48.J8-I7 E5-E4
49.G3-F3 G6-H6
50.F3XD5 H6XJ8
51.D5-E4 J11-J10
52.E4-F3 J8-I9
53.F3-G3 G5-F6
54.G3-F3 J10-H8
55.F3-F4 I9-G7
56.G2-F3 G7-F7
57.F4-E4 H8-H7
58.E4-F4 F7-F5
59.F4-G3 H7-G6
60.F3-G2 F5-E5
61.G3-F3 E5-D6
62.G2-F2 D6-C5
63.F3-E3 C5-B4
64.F2-F3 F6-E5
65.F3-F2 E5-D6
66.F2-F3 B4-B3
67.E3-E2 B3-C2
68.H2-G2 G6-H5
69.F3-G3 H5-I4
70.G3-F2 I4-I3
71.F2-H2XJ4 J2-I2
72.J4-I5 D6-C5
73.I5-H4 C5-B4
74.H4-G3 F1-G1
75.G3-F2 I2-J2
76.E2-D2 C2XE2
77.F2XD2 Draw agreed (see position below)




Michael Nolan vs. skinny18  2009
1.E6-G8 G11-G9
2.F6-H8 H11-H9
3.D6-F8 J11-H11
4.E7-C7? (The beginning of an unsound combination by White that leads to a loss of a Man.)
5.H6-F6 E7XG5
6.I7-G9XG11XI9XG9 H11-H10
7.G6XG4 H10XF8XH6
8.H7XH5 (White is up the one Man that he envisioned, but not for long.)
8....F11-F9! (When White played 4.E7-C7, he was completely blind to this excellent move by his opponent. Threatened are both 9....F9xH7xJ5xJ7 and 9....C11-E9-G9xI7xI5xG5xG3)
9.J6-I5 F9XH7XH9 (Now White is a piece down.)
10.F7-E7 I11-I9-G9
11.D7-D6 I10-H10
12.H5-J7 G9-G8
13.G4-H5 E11-E9
14.J7-I8 H9XJ7
15.I6XK8 G8-H9
16.K8-L9 (Hoping to divert some Black pieces to the task of stopping this White end-around in the hope of evening up the forces in the center.)
16....H9-I10 (Taking the bait. In Camelot, allowing one enemy piece to get around your forces and move toward your Castle is rarely dangerous. On the contrary, it reduces the enemy's presence in the tactics-rich center by a piece.)
17.H5-H6 C11-E11-G9
18.E7-F7 G9-I11
19.C7-D7 D11-D9
20.L9-L10 H10-H11
21.L10-L11 I10-I12
22.I5-I6 I12-J13
23.H6-H7 E9-G11
24.I6-G8-E6 D9-D11
25.C6-C7 I11-I12
26.H7-G7 J13-K12
27.L11XJ13 I12XK14 (Black has stopped the White end-around, but at what cost.)
28.G7-E7 K14-J13 (Correctly attempting to get the Knight back into play. Regardless of slightly questionable strategic planning, Black has played a tactically perfect game up to this point.)
29.D6-D8 D10-E9? (Finally, White gets a break. This move loses material. 29....D10-E11 would have maintained Black's advantage.)
30.D7-D9! E9XC9 (Best. 30....E10xC8xE8xG6, 31.E6-E8xE10xG10xI12xK14 would have given White a two Knights for two Men advantage.)
31.C7-E9XE11XG9 C9-C8!? (Best was 31....H11-I12!, 32.D8-F6-F8-H10xF12 allowing White only a one Man advantage with plenty of counterplay by Black. In this variation, White might have fallen into the clever trap of 32.E6-E8-C8xC10xE12? G11-G10!, 33.G9xG11 J13-H11xF11xD13 with a probable draw.)
32.D8-F6-F8-H10XH12XF10 (With a one Knight and one Man advantage. Not 32.D8xB8 with only a one Knight advantage. And certainly not 32.E6-G8-G10xI12xK14 C8xE8xE6xG8xG10 with a win for Black.)
33.E6-G8 C10-C9
34.E7-D7 C8XE6
35.F7XD5 Resigns 1-0