There are few recorded games of Grand Camelot available for study.  Therefore, any thorough analysis of the Grand Camelot opening (as well as the middlegame and the endgame) depends upon an increased level of game play.  The recorded games on this website undoubtedly can provide some opening ideas, but much further study is obviously needed.


The following moves are from a 1932 document, the only known example of a published Grand Camelot opening.  Note that this opening naturally used the Parker Brothers style of piece setup then in effect rather than the current WCF piece setup.  (For a brief discussion of Grand Camelot piece setup differences, go here.)


  Red                      Green        Blue            Yellow

1.G4-F5                    I13-G15-E13  C8-E6-G4-I2-K4  M7-O7-M5

2.I4-G4-E6-C8-E10          F14-D12xB10  C6-C8-E6-G4-I4  M8-O6-M6

3.E10-D11                  J13-J15-L13  E9-C11          L8-M7

4.J3-L5xN5xL7              B10xD12      K4-L4           N6-L8xL6



Leaving the following position with Green to move:



          Blue          Yellow