The CyberBoard PBEM Boardgaming System is a mechanism for playing board games by electronic mail (PBEM).  The system allows the user to graphically design the various parts of a board game on his computer (the Gamebox).  The player can make his move and exchange a recorded version of the move with his opponent.  CyberBoard is not an artificial opponent; it provides no artificial intelligence capability.  CyberBoard attempts to emulate real life game components (boards, pieces, markers, etc.).  Gamebox files hold those components.  Scenario files contain the starting situation of a particular game.  Game files hold the current state of a game as well as its entire history of play.  A Game Designer Program is used to actually design the components of a game.  A Game Player Program is used to create scenarios and actually play the PBEM game.


The CyberBoard System can be obtained for FREE here.


Camelot, Grand Camelot, and Cam Gameboxes have been designed by Karl Kaufman for the CyberBoard System.


Following are Camelot, Cam, and Grand Camelot CyberBoard screenshots.