Chivalry is the forerunner of Camelot.  Under development by George S. Parker in 1882, Chivalry was released by Geo. S. Parker & Co. in 1887, and by Parker Brothers in 1888.  Parker called Chivalry "the best game in 2,000 years," and looked upon it as his personal favorite.  Chivalry is played on a larger board with more pieces than Camelot.  Chivalry, like Camelot, is tactically complex, yet easily learned and quickly played.  It is a clever mixture of American Checkers (British Draughts) and Halma (Chinese Checkers).


Chivalry is different than Camelot in the following ways:


1. The Chivalry board has 176 squares.  The Camelot board has 160 squares.


2. Each side in Chivalry has eight Knights and twelve Men.  Each side in Camelot has four Knights and ten Men.



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