The 2002-2003 WCF Camelot World Championship Tournament began on May 10, 2002, with twelve participants, and concluded on June 22, 2003, with William Daniel (Dan) Troyka of Saline, Michigan, winning the title of Camelot World Champion.  The championship format included four three-player round-robins with two games against each opponent, followed by the four winners of the round-robins playing each other in two best-two-out-of-three-game semi-final knockouts, followed by the two winners of the knockouts playing a best-three-out-of-five-game match for the Camelot World Championship.

Pictured above is Dan Troyka of Saline, Michigan, the current Camelot World Champion.




Go here for Michael Nolan's retrospective look at the 2002-2003 and 2008-2009 WCF Camelot World Championship Tournaments.





WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL MATCH (best 3 out of 5, draws not counting)


              Game 1  Game 2  Game 3  Game 4  Total

Dan Troyka      1       1       0       1       3

Michael Nolan   0       0       1       0       1



   M. Nolan vs. D. Troyka

(Annotations by M. Nolan)

 1.E6-E8                  H11-F9

 2.H6-F8                  E11-E9

 3.G6-G8                  C11-E11

 4.C6-E6                  J11-H11

 5.G8-H8                  I11-G9

 6.I6-G8                  F11-H9

 7.H8-I8                  H9xJ7xJ5

 8.H7-J7                  F9xH7

 9.D7-F9xD9xF11xF9xH9xF11 J5-K6

10.I7-K7xK5               D10-F12xF10

11.E6-G8xI6               H11-F11-F9xD7xD5


(12.F8-D6 D5xD7, 13.E7xC7 G11-E9, 14.G7-G6 F10-D8xB6 may be slightly better)

12......                  D5-C6

13.G7-E5                  C6-B7

14.E7-D7                  B7-A8

15.J7-H5-H7-J5            I10-G10-E10-E12-C10

16.E5-D6                  A8-A9

17.K5-I5-I7               A9-B10

18.J5-H7                  B10-D10

19.H6-H8                  G11-E9-C11-C9

   Resigns 0-1



   D. Troyka vs. M. Nolan

 1.H6-H8                 F10-E9

 2.J6-H6                 F11-F10

 3.H7-H9                 G10xI8xG8

 4.D7-F5-H7xF9xD9xF11xF9 H10-H12-F10

 5.F9xF11                I10-G12xE10

 6.E6-E8                 H11-G10

 7.C6-D7                 J11-H11

 8.F6-F8                 D10-F12

 9.I6-H7                 E10-E12

10.G6-G8                 G10-F11

11.H6-H8                 C11-D12

12.G7-G9                 I11-H12

13.F7-F9                 H11-G12

14.D6-D8                 H12-F10

15.E8-G10                F10xH10

16.D7-F7-H9xH11xF13      E12-G10xE8xE6

17.I7-H6                 F12xF14

18.H8-F10xF12xH10        E6-D5

19.H6-H8                 F14-E13

20.H7-H9                 D11-D10

21.F8-E7                 D5-E4

22.G8-I10                D10-C9

23.D8xB10                E13-C11xA9

24.H9-H11                A9-B8

25.I10-G10-I12           E11-E12

26.H8-I9                 E12-E13

27.I9-G11-I11-I13        E13-E14

28.H11-J13-H13           D12-E13

29.I12-I14               Resigns 1-0



  M. Nolan vs. D. Troyka

(Annotations by M. Nolan)

1.E6-E8            H11-F9

2.H6-F8            E11-E9

3.G6-G8            C11-E11

4.C6-E6            J11-H11

5.G8-H8            G11-G9

6.I6-G8            Ill-G11

7.E6-G6-I8-I6      F11-H9

8.J6-H6            D11-F11

9.E8-E6            F11-D9


(Wins material in every variation.  For a complete analysis, go here.)

10.......          G9xE7xC7xE5xE7

11.I7-G9xI11xI9xG9 F9xH9

12.H8xH10xH12      G11xI13

13.I6-G6-E6xE8xC10 E11-C9xC11

14.G7-G9           D10-F8xH10

15.G5-I7-G7-G9     Resigns 1-0



  D. Troyka vs. M. Nolan

1.E6-E8            H11-F9

2.C6-E6            G11-G9

3.E7-E9            F9xD9

4.E8xC10xC12       D10-D12xB12

5.H6-H8            D11-F9-H9

6.H8-I9            H9xJ9

7.J6-H6-J8xJ10xJ12 I10-I12xK12

8.H7-H8            Resigns 1-0




SEMI-FINAL MATCH 1 (best 2 out of 3, draws not counting)


               Game 1  Game 2  Game 3  Total

Dan Troyka       1       0       1       2

Andrew Perkis    0       1       0       1



   A. Perkis vs. D. Troyka

 1.E6-G8       E11-E9

 2.D7-E6       C11-E11

 3.C6-C7       D11-D9

 4.J6-H8       F11-F9

 5.E6-E8xC10   J11-H9-F11-D9xB11

 6.G7-G9       H10xF8

 7.E7xG9       F9xH9

 8.I7-G7-I9xG9 I11-H10

 9.G9xI11xI9   E11-G9xI7xG7xE7xG5xG7xI5xI7

10.D6-B8       D10-F8xH8xJ10

   Resigns 0-1


   D. Troyka vs. A. Perkis

 1.E6-E8          D10-F12

 2.C6-E6          C11-D12

 3.H6-F8          H10-J10

 4.J6-H6          I10-G12

 5.I6-I8          J10-K10

 6.F6-H8          J11-L9

 7.G7-I9          I11-H12

 8.I9-J9          K10-L10

 9.J9-K9          L10xJ8

10.I8xK8          L9xJ7

11.H6-J8xJ6       D11-F9

12.H8-G7          E10-G8

13.F8xH8          G12-E10-G8xI6xI8xG8

14.F7xH9          F12-H10xH8xF6xH6

15.E8-F7          F10-E10

16.E7-F8          H12-F10

17.F7-D5          F9xF7

18.E6-C6-E8xG6xI6 F10-F9

19.D7-E6          D12-F10

20.J6-H6          E11-G9

21.D5-D7-F5       H11-H10

22.I6-H5          H10-F8

23.E6-G4          G11-E9

24.H6-H4-F4       F9-E8

25.D6-E5          F10-F9

26.G4-E4-G6       F11-D9

27.E5-G5          G10-F10

28.G6-G4          F10-D8

29.G4-I6          G9-E7

30.I6-G4-G6       D9-F7

31.F4-H6          E10-G8

32.G6-G4          E9-G7

33.H6-F4          D8-F6

34.G4-E6xG6       F8-F6

35.G6-G4-E6xG6    F9-F8

36.G6-H6          G7xI5

37.H5xJ5          E8-E6

38.F5xD7          F8-F6-D8xD6

39.G5-G4          F7-D7-D5

40.F4-H4          D5-E5

41.J5-I5          G8-F7

42.I5-H5          F7-D7-D5

43.G4-G5          E7-D7

44.G5-G4          D7-C6

45.H5-H3          C6-E6-C4

46.H3-G3          C4-D4

47.G3-G2          D4-D3

48.G4-H3          D6-D4

49.H4-H2          E5-C3-E3

50.H3-G3          D3-D2

51.G3-H3          D5-D3

52.G2-I2-G4       D3-E2

53.G4-I2-G2       E3-F2

54.H3-G4          F2-G1

55.G4-F3          E2xG4

56.H2-F2          G1-F1

   Resigns 0-1


   A. Perkis vs. D. Troyka

 1.F7-D5-B7       E11-E9

 2.D7-F7-H5       C11-E11

 3.E7-G5-I5       D11-D9

 4.C6-A8          F10-D8

 5.D6-E5          D8-C8

 6.B7-A7          C8-B8

 7.A8xC8          D9xB7

 8.A7xC7          D10-F10-D8xB6

 9.E5-D6          B6-A7

10.D6-C6          E9-D8

11.I7-G5-E7xC9    E10-D10

12.F6-G5          D10xB8

13.H5-F7-D5-B7xB9 H10-F12-D10

14.B9-A9          G10-E12-E10-C10

15.C6-B6          A7xC5

16.J6-H4-F6-D6xB4 C10-B9

17.A9xC9          I10-G12-E10-C10xC8

18.I5-H5          F11-E10

19.E6-F6          H11-F11-D9-B7

20.I6-G4          B7-C6

21.B4-C3          E11-C9-C7-C5

22.H7-F5          J11-H11-F11-D9-B7-D5-B5

23.C3-D2          I11-H11

24.G5-E5          C5-B4

25.G7-G5          B4-B6-D6xF4xH4

26.H5xH3          D10-C9

27.H6-F4          C9-C7-C5

28.F4-E3          B5-B6

29.E3-D4          C5xE3

30.D2xF4          H11-F11-D9-B7-B5

31.G5-E5          G11-F11

32.H3-G4          C6-C5

33.G4-G5          F11-D9-B7

34.F5-E4          C5-C4

35.E5-D6          C4-C5

36.D6xB4          C8-A6-C4xA4

37.G6-F5          E10-D9

38.F5-E5          D9-C8

39.F6-D4          A4-B3

40.F4-E3          B6-A5

41.E4-D5          C8-A6-A4

42.G5-G4          B7-A6

43.D4-D6-F4       A4-C2

44.G4-E4-E2       C2-D3

45.E3xC3          B3xD3xF1

46.D5-F5-F3       A6-C4

47.E5-G3-E3       A5-B4

48.F3-F2          C4-C3

49.F4-D2          B5-B3-D3

50.D2xD4          B4-D2xF4

51.D4-D5          C3-D2

   Resigns 0-1



SEMI-FINAL MATCH 2 (best 2 out of 3, draws not counting)


               Game 1  Game 2  Total

Michael Nolan    1       1       2

Paul Yearout     0       0       0



   M. Nolan vs. P. Yearout

(Annotations by M. Nolan)

 1.E6-G8     H11-H9


   (Trying something new)


 3.H6-H8     H9-I8


   (Not 4.H7xJ9 H11-H9xH7xJ7xJ5xH7xF9)

   (And not 4.I7xI9 H11-J11-H9xJ9)


 5.I7-I5xK5  E11-E9

   (Threatening C11-E11-G9xE7xC5xC7xE7xG5)

 6.F7-E7     I10-H11

   (Threatening H11-F9xF7xH9)

 7.G8-F7     C11-E11

 8.K5-J6     D11-F9

 9.J6-H6     I11-G9

10.I6-G8     F11-D9

11.G8-E8     H11-F11

12.E8xC10    E11-C9xC11

13.G6-E8     H10-F12

14.F8xH10    G11xI9

   (Not G10xI10 because of E8xG10xE12xG12xG10)

   (Better was F11-H9xH11 with an even game)

   (The text loses a piece)

15.H6-H8xJ10 D10-F8XH6xH8

   (This loses outright to the text reply)


   (All other moves allow equality)



   (Now if G10xI8 then E8xG10xE12xG12)

   (Or if F11-D9xF7 then H9xF11xD9)

             Resigns 1-0


  P. Yearout vs. M. Nolan

1.E6-E8         H11-F9

2.C6-E6         J11-H11

3.E8-D9         C11-E9xC9

4.E6-C8xC10xE12 D10-F12xD12

5.D7-E6         D12-D11

6.H6-H8         I11-G9

7.J6-H6         F11-H9

8.I6-I8         I10-G8xI6

  Resigns 0-1






GROUP 1          DT   MT   KH   Total

Dan Troyka       X    1    2     3

Mark Thompson    1    X    0     1

Kerry Handscomb  0    2    X     2


GROUP 2         John  MN Jerry  Total

John Lawson      X    0    2     2

Michael Nolan    2    X    2     4

Jerry LaSala     0    0    X     0


GROUP 3          AP   DH   JO   Total

Andrew Perkis    X    2    2     4

Dan Hale         0    X    0     0

Jim Oliver       0    2    X     2


GROUP 4          DH   PY   AI   Total

Don Haffner      X    0    0     0

Paul Yearout     2    X    2     4

Zillions AI      2    0    X     2





   K. Handscomb vs. D. Troyka

 1.E6-E8              C11-C10

 2.C6-E6              G10-I12-K10

 3.H6-F8-D8           C10-E12-G10

 4.D8-C9              G10-E12-C10xC8

 5.J6-H6-F8-D8xB8     H10-I9

 6.I7-H6              D10-F12-H10-J10

 7.D6-D8              J11-L9

 8.D7-C8              F11-G10

 9.E8-D9              L9-J11-H9-F11

10.E7-C9              I9-H10

11.H7-F5-D7-B9        H10-F12-D10

12.I6-H7              G10-E12-C10

13.C9xC11xE9          E10xE8xC10xA8

14.D8-C9              D11-E10

15.B8-D10xF12xH10xJ12 F11-D9xB9xD7xF5

16.G6xE4              K10-J11

17.G7-H8              I10-K12xI12

18.H6-G7              J10-J9

19.H7-G8              F10-G11

20.F6-F8              E10-F10

21.G7-G9xE11          J9-J10

22.E11-D12            J10-J12-H12-H10-F12

23.D12-C13            I12-G10-G12-E12

24.C13-D14            E12-E13

25.D14-D15            H11-F11

26.D15-E15            F12-D14xF16

   Resigns 0-1


   D. Troyka vs. K. Handscomb

 1.G6-G8            E11-E9

 2.E6-E8            C11-E11

 3.C6-E6            H11-F9

 4.H6-F8            J11-H11

 5.F6-H8            D11-D9

 6.E8xC10           E11-C9xC11

 7.D6-D8            E9xC7

 8.I7-G9xE9xE11xC9  G11-G9

 9.E6-E8-C6xC8      G9xI7xI5xK7

10.F8-D6-D8-B8-D10  C11xE9

11.C8-E6-E8xE10xG12 H11xF13

12.F7-F8            G10-H9

13.C9-C8            H9xF7xF9

14.C8-E6-E8xG10xE10 H10-H9

15.H7-G6            I11-I9

16.E7-D8            I10-I8

17.D7-C7            I9-I7

18.C7-E9-E11        F13-E14

19.E10-E12          E14-E15

20.E11-E13          I7-J6

21.E12-F12          E15-D15

22.E13-F14          J6-J5

23.F12-F13          K7-K6

24.F13-F15          H9-G8

25.G7xG9            I8-H7

26.G6xI8            K6-I4

27.F14-F16          D15-E14

28.F15xD13          J5-H3

29.D13-E14          I4-G2

30.E14-F15          H3-F1

31.F15-G16 Wins 1-0


   D. Troyka vs. M. Thompson

 1.J6-J7               H10-H9

 2.I7-J6               E11-G9

 3.G6-I8               I10-H10

 4.I8-J9               J11-K11

 5.J9-J10              I11xK9

 6.C6-E8-G6-G8xI10xG12 H10-F12xH12

 7.J6-J8xL10xJ12       G11-H11

 8.J12-K13             G9-H8

 9.G7xI9               H12-H10xJ8xJ6

10.I6xK6               F10-G9

11.F7-E8               H11-F9

12.K6-J7               G9-G8

13.F6-D8-F8            C11-E9xG7xI5

14.J7-I8               G8xI6

15.E8-C6               I5-I7xI9

16.E7-E5               I9-H9

17.E6-E4               D10-F10-H10-H8

18.E4-F4               H9-H7

19.D7-D5-F5-F3         H7-I7

20.C6-E6-E4-G4         I6-H7

21.E5-G3               F9-F8

22.D6-E6               H7-G7

23.E6-F5               D11-F9-F7

24.G4-H4               F11-H9-H7

25.F3-G4               H7-G8

26.F5-H3-H5            I7-G9

27.K13-J12             G10-H10

28.J12-K11             G8-G6

29.G3-G5               G6xI4

30.G4-G6xG8xG10xI10    I4xG4xG6

31.I10-J11             H8-H7

32.J11-J12             H7-F5xF3

33.K11-I13             G6-F5

   Resigns 0-1


   M. Thompson vs. D. Troyka

 1.F6-F8      H11-H9

 2.G6-G8      H10-H8

 3.I7xG9xI9   I10xI8xG6xE8

 4.D7xF9xH11  D10-F12-H10-J12-J10-H12xH10

 5.E6-F7      J11-H11

 6.H6-H7      G11-G10

 7.J6-H6-H8   E11-G11

 8.I6-I7      C11-E11-G9

 9.D6-D7      I11-H12

10.C6-E8      G11-E9

11.F8xD10xD12 H10-F8xD8xF6xF8xH6xJ8

   Resigns 0-1


   K. Handscomb vs. M. Thompson

 1.E6-E8         I10-G12

 2.C6-E6         E10-C10

 3.H6-F8         I11-G9

 4.F7-F9         G9xE9

 5.E8xE10xE12    D10-D12xF12

 6.D7-F7         F11-E10

 7.F7-F9xF11xF13 G12xE14

 8.F8-F9         G10xE8

 9.E7xE9xE11     D11xF11

10.F6-H8         E14-F13

11.I7-G9xI11xK11 C10-D11

12.D6-F6-H6-F8   G11-G10

13.J6-I7         C11-E11-G11

14.E6-E7         D11-E10

15.H8-H9         G10xI8

16.I7xI9         H11-H10

17.E7-G9xI11     F11-H11

18.I11-J11       Resigns 1-0


   M. Thompson vs. K. Handscomb

 1.H6-J8    E11-E9

 2.F6-F8    C11-E11

 3.F7-E8    H11-F9

 4.G6-F7    E9-D8

 5.E8xC8    E11-C9xC7xC5

 6.D7-D5xB5 J11-H11-J9xJ7xJ5

 7.I6xK4    G10-H9

 8.I7-I6    I10-G8xE8xG6xI8

 9.B5-C6    F10-E9

10.G7-F6    I11-G9

11.E6-D7    I8-G10-E8xE6xC8

   Resigns 0-1





   J. Lawson vs. M. Nolan

 1.F7-H5-J7        E10-F9

 2.G7-E5-C7        H10-G9

 3.G6-I8           G9-G8

 4.I8-J9           C11-E9-G9-G7xI5xK7

 5.I7-G7xG9xF9xC11 K7xI7xG7xE5

 6.D7-F5xD5        I10-G12-E10-E12-C10xC12

 7.D5-D7           C12-E10-G12-I10xK8

 8.D6-D8           D11-E10

 9.C6-D6           K8-J9

10.E6-E8           I11-H10

11.E8-C8           J9-I10

12.D6-B8           J11-I11

13.E7-C9           E10-E9

14.D7-B9           G10-E10

15.D8-B10          G11-F12

16.C8-C10          E9-G11-E13

17.C7-A9-C11       I11-I9

18.B8-D10-B12      E13-D13

19.B12-B11         I10-I8

20.C10-C12         F10-D10

21.B9-D9xD11xF9    H10-G11

22.C12xE14         E11-E10

23.F9xD11          I8-I10-G12-E12xC10xC12xA10xC10xC8

24.E14-F15         I9-H8

25.F15-F16 & Resigns 0-1


   M. Nolan vs. J. Lawson

 1.E6-G8          G10-E12-C10

 2.H6-H8          F10-H12-J10

 3.J6-H6          F11-G10

 4.C6-E6          D11-F11-H9

 5.D6-F8          G11-I9

 6.E7-G9          H9xF9

 7.F8xF10xD12xB10 C10xA10

 8.F6-D6-D8       E10-D11

 9.D8-C9          D10xB8

10.E6-C8xA8       H11-F9

11.I7-G9xG11      I10-G10-E8xC6

12.G8xE10xC12     H10xF12

13.H8-H9          I9xG9

14.F7-F8          G9xE7

15.H6-F8xD6xB6    I11-K9

16.B6-A7          A10-A11

17.A7-A9          A11-A12

18.A8-A10         A12-A13

19.A10-B10        A13-B14

20.C12-C13        B14xD12

21.A9-C11xE13xG11 K9-I11

22.G11-F12        J10-H12

23.F12-E13        J11-H11-H13

24.B10-C11        I11-G13

25.E13-D12        H12-H14

26.G6-G8          H13-G14

27.G7-G9          H14-H15

28.C11-E13        Resigns 1-0


   J. LaSala vs. J. Lawson

 1.G7-I5-K7    F10-H12-J10

 2.H7-J5-J7-L7 G11-I9

 3.J6-L8       F11-H9-J9

 4.K7-K8       G10-H9

 5.G6-H7       J9-I8

 6.H7xJ9       I9xK9xK7

 7.L7xJ7       H9-G8

 8.I7-I5-G7xG9 D10-F10xH8

 9.I6-H7       H8-I9

10.H7-H5       J10-H8

11.H6-G7       I10-I8-G8xG6xI4

12.F7-G7       I9-G11

13.D7-F7-H7xH9 G11-I9xG9

14.E6-F7       H11-G10

15.J7-K8       I11-J10

16.L8-K7       J11-J9xL7xJ7

17.E7-G5       C11-D10

18.G7-H6       J7-K6

19.C6-C5       I4-I3

20.F6-H4       E11-E9

21.H4xJ2       D10-F8xF6xH4

22.J2-I2       H4-G3

23.I2-H2       G3-F2

24.D6-D5       G10-G8

25.H6-G5       H10-F8

26.D5-D4       F2-G1

27.C5-E3       D11-F9-H7

28.G5-G4       E9-G7

29.D4-F2       K6-J7

30.E3-F3       J7-I7

31.F3-G2       G9-F9

32.G4-G3       F8-H6

33.G2-F3       H7-G6

34.F3-G2       F9-H7

35.G2-E2       G8-I6

36.E2-G2-I2    G7-I5

37.I2-G2       I5-I4

38.H2-H3       J10-I9

39.H3xJ5       I6xK4

40.F2-F3       I9-I8

41.G3-H3       I8-I6

42.H3-G3       K4-J3

43.G3-H2       J3-I3

44.H2xJ4       I7-I5xK3

45.F3-G3       K3-J2

46.G3-H2       J2-I3

47.H2xJ4       H7-J5xJ3

48.G2-H2       J3-J2

49.H2-H3       J2-I2

50.H3-G2       G1-F1

51.G2-F2       I2-H2

52.F2-F3       H2-G1 Wins 0-1


  J. Lawson vs. J. LaSala

1.F7-H5-J7                             G11-G9

2.G7-E5-C7                             F11-F9

3.G6-I8                                H11-H9

4.I7-I9xG11xE9                         F9xD9

5.J6-J8-H8xH10xJ10xJ12xH10xF10xD12xB10 E10-C10

6.F6-D8                                C10xA10

7.C6-C8xE10xC10xE12                    Resigns 1-0


   M. Nolan vs. J. LaSala

 1.E7-F8              G11-G9

 2.F8-G8              H11-F9

 3.E6-E7              F11-H9

 4.H6-F8              E11-E9

 5.J6-H6              I11-J10

 6.C6-E6              I10-I9

 7.G8xI10xK10xI12     I9-G11

 8.I12-I11            H10xJ12

 9.F8xH10xF12         C11-E11-G9-G11xE13

10.H7-H8              F10-E11

11.D7-F5-H7-H9xF11xD9 Resigns 1-0


   J. LaSala vs. M. Nolan

 1.F6-F8              H11-F9

 2.G6-G8              E11-G9

 3.H6-J8              J11-H11-J9xJ7xJ5

 4.I7-I5xK5           F10-E9

 5.F8xF10XH12xJ10     D10-F10-H8xF8xF6xH8xH6xJ6xL4

 6.E6-E8              I10xK10

 7.D7-F9xH9xH11xF9xD9 E10xC8

 8.D6-C7              C11-D12

 9.C7xC9              D12-D10xB8

10.E8-E9              K10-J9

11.C6-D6              D11-D12

12.E9-F9              F11-G12

13.D6-F8-F10          L4-K5

14.E7-E8              K5-K6

15.E8-G10-E10         J9-K8

16.F9-F11             D12-E12

17.F11xH13            K8-L7

18.E10-D11            E12xC10

19.F10-G11            L7-J5

20.H13-G12            K6-I4

21.G11-G13            J5-H3

22.G12-G14            I4-G2

23.G13-G15            H3-F1

24.G14-G16            G2-G1 Wins 0-1





  A. Perkis vs. D. Hale

1.E6-G8       C11-E9

2.C6-E6       J11-H9

3.D6-F8       G11-G9

4.F6-D8       E9xC7

5.D7xB7       H11-F9

6.J6-H8-F6-D6 E11-E9

7.I6-I8       H9xJ7

8.I7xK7       Forfeits 1-0


  D. Hale vs. A. Perkis

1.J6-H8 I10-G12

2.I6-I8 D11-C10

3.E6-E8 C11-D11

4.G6-G8 D10-B10

5.D6-D8 C10-A10

  Forfeits 0-1


  D. Hale vs. J. Oliver

1.C6-E8 I10-G12

2.J6-H8 D10-F12

  Forfeits 0-1


  J. Oliver vs. D. Hale

1.G6-G8    F11-F9

2.F6-F8    E11-G9

3.C6-E8-G6 H11-H9

4.H6-H8    Forfeits 1-0


   A. Perkis vs. J. Oliver

 1.E6-G8            G11-E9

 2.D7-E6            F11-D9

 3.E6-E8xC10xC12    D11xB13

 4.C6-E6            H11-F9

 5.H6-H8            D10-F8xH6xJ8

 6.G8-H9            I10xG8xI8

 7.H7xJ9xJ7         E11-G9

 8.G6-H7            F10-F8

 9.J6-H6-H8xF10xD10 E9xC11

10.E7xG9xG11xI9     Resigns 1-0


   J. Oliver vs. A. Perkis

 1.H6-F8    I10-G12

 2.E6-G8    J11-I12

 3.G6-I8    D11-C10

 4.F6-H8    F11-D9

 5.F7-F6    G12-F11

 6.J6-H6    F11-F9xF7xH9xJ7xH5

 7.I7-G5xI5 F10-H12

 8.I5-I6    E11-D11

 9.H8-G8    E10-C8

10.D7xB9    C11-C9xA9

11.G8-F7    D11-B9

12.C6-E6-E8 G10-F11

13.I6-G6-E6 B9-B8

14.D6-F8    C10-E10

15.E8xC10   D10xB10

16.F6-D8    B8-A7

17.E7-C9    B10-A10

18.F7-D5    I12-G10-E12

19.E6-F7    E12-E11

20.F8-E8    A10-B9

   Resigns 0-1




  D. Haffner vs. Zillions AI

1.E6-E8 G10-H9

2.F6-H8 I10-G8xE6xC8

3.D6-C7 H11-G10

4.C7xC9 J11-H11-F9xD7xF7xH5xJ7xJ5

5.H6-I6 D10-D12-B10xD8

6.I6xK4 D11-D10

  Resigns 0-1

  Zillions AI vs. D. Haffner

1.E6-E5              E11-E9

2.G7-H8              H11-H9

3.I7-G7-I9xG9xE11xC9 J11-H11-F9-D9xB9

4.C6-E6-C8xA10       G10-H9

5.D7-E6              G11-G10

6.H8-G7              I11-G9

7.H6-I7              Resigns 1-0


   P. Yearout vs. D. Haffner

 1.E6-E8               F11-F9

 2.C6-E6               E11-E9

 3.E8-D9               E9xC9

 4.E6-C8xC10xC12       D11xB13

 5.H6-H8               G11-G9

 6.E7-F8               G9xE7xC7xE5

 7.I7-G9xG11xE9xE11xC9 E5-F4

 8.J6-H6               F4-F3

 9.F7-E7               B13-C12

10.F6-D8-B10           F9-F10

11.B10-A11             F10-E10

12.H8-F6-D8-B10        H11-G11

13.C9-B9               G11-F11

14.E7-D7               E10-D11

15.B9-A10              I10-G10

16.G6-F6               I11-I10

17.I6-G6-E6-C8         J11-H9

18.H6-G6               H10-G9

19.C8-B9               G10-G8xI6

20.A10-C10xE12xG10xH8  I6-I5

21.G7-G5               F3-G2

22.F6-H6               I5xG7

23.G6xG8xG10           I10-H9

24.I8-J9               H9xF11

25.B9-A10              F11-E10

26.A11-A9-C11          C12xC10

27.B10xD10xF10         Resigns 1-0


   D. Haffner vs. P. Yearout

 1.E6-E5            H11-H9

 2.H6-F8            I10-G8xE8xE6xC8

 3.C6-E6-G8xI10xK12 E11-E9

 4.J6-H6            C11-E11

 5.K12-J13          I11-H11

 6.J13-I14          D11-D9-B7

 7.I14-H15          C8-A6

 8.E5-E6            B7-A7

 9.E6-C6            A7-A5

10.F7-F5            A6-A4

11.G7-E5-C7-C5      H11-F9

12.H7-H8            G11-H11

13.G6-G7            E9-G9

14.H8-I9            H10xJ8

15.I7xK9            G9-G11-I11

16.I6-I7            E10-E9

17.K9-L10           I11-J11

18.L10-L11          J11-K11

19.L11xJ11          E11-G11-I11xK11

20.D6-B6            A5xC7

21.C6xC8            D10-E10

22.F6-G6            E9-D8

23.C8xE8            F9xD7

24.F5-H7-F7         H11-G11

25.G7-E7            F11-D9

26.H6-F6-D8xD6      G10-F9

27.F7-E6            K11-J11

28.G6-F7            J11-I11

29.F7-G7            I11-H11

30.I7-I8            D9-C8

31.C5-B5            A4xC6

32.D6-F6-D8xB8      E10-G8xG6

33.B8-B9            G6-H5

34.B9-B10           G11-F12

35.B10-B11          F12-E13

36.E7-D6            C6-B5

37.D6-D5            B5-B4

38.D5-D4            B4-C3

39.E6-E5            C3-D2

40.D4-C3            D2xB4

41.B11-C12          H11-G11

42.C12-C13          H5-G6

43.C13-B14          E13-E14

44.B14-C15          E14-F15

45.I8-I9            G11-G12

46.I9-I10           F9-F11-H13

47.H15-G16          B4-C3

48.C15-D14          C3-D2

49.D14-E13          H13-G14

   Resigns 0-1

  P. Yearout vs. Zillions AI

1.E6-E8             G10-H9

2.C6-E6             I11-J10

3.E8-F9             C11-E9xG9

4.E6-G8xG10xI12xK10 J10xL10

5.D7-E6             H9-G10

6.H6-H8             H10-H11

7.J6-H6             F10-E9

8.H8-G9             Resigns 1-0

   Zillions AI vs. P. Yearout

 1.E6-E5                H11-H9

 2.F7-E8                J11-H11

 3.H6-I5                H9-G8

 4.J6-H6-F8xH8          C11-E9

 5.G7-F7                F11-F9

 6.E8-E6                H11-F11

 7.H8-J6                I10-H11

 8.F6-F8                E9xG7xG5

 9.J6-H4xF6             I11-G9

10.E6-G8                G9xG7

11.C6-E6-G8xG6          G11-G9

12.E7-D8                H11-G11

13.D8-C9                D10xB8

14.I7-G7-E7-C7xA9       G10-E8

15.G6-E6-G8xG10xE12xC10 E8xC6xE6xG6xE8

16.C10-B11              E11-D12

17.B11-A12              F9-D11-D13

18.A9-A10               H10-G9

19.H7-H8                G9xI7

20.I6xI8                G11-E9-E7

21.A10-A11              D12-D14

20.I6xI8                G11-E9-E7

21.A10-A11              D12-D14

22.A12-B11              F10-F9

23.A11-A12              E7-F8

24.A12-B12              E8-E7

25.E5-F4                E10-G8-E8-E6

26.B11-C11              F9-F7-D5

27.B12-D10              F8-D6-D4

28.D10-C10              D14-D15

29.C11-D11 & Resigns 0-1