Anyone who wishes to submit a Tri-Camelot game score for listing consideration should forward it, in algebraic format, preferably dated, to Michael Nolan at  The Website Manager reserves the right to make all inclusion decisions on the very subjective basis of whether or not he finds the game to be of some interest, however, given the severe shortage of published Tri-Camelot games, most games that get submitted will probably be listed.  Remember, by the way, that game scores cannot be  copyrightedbut annotations are copyrighted, and may not be used without permission.  I hope you enjoy these games!


The following game was played before the formulation of the World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Tri-Camelot.


    Michael Nolan  vs. Clark Rodeffer vs. Dan Troyka  2003

    (Blue)             (Red)              (Green)

 1. F7-F9              D13-D11            H13-G14

 2. D5-F7              B11-C10            J11-H13

 3. E6-G8              D17-D13-D9         I14-G16

 4. G6-H7              D15-D13            J13-I14

 5. E4-G6              C12-C8             I16-G18

 6. G8-E10             C14-E12XE8XG10     G16-G12XG8XI6

 7. F7-F9              D11-D7             G14-G12

 8. F9-E10             D9XF11             G18-I16-G14-G10XE12XC14XC18

 9. H5-H7              D7-D5              I6XG8

10. G6XG10XG14XI16XG18 B13-B11            H13-H15

11. G4-G6              B11-B9             H15-H17

12. G6-E4XC6           C8-D9              C18-D17

13. G18XI16            D9-C8              I14XI18

14. F5-E4              B9-B11             I18-I16

15. E4-D3              C8-D7              D17-C18

16. C6XE8              B11-D9XF7          C18-B17

17. D3-E2              C10-C8             B17-A16