The game of Inside Moves, released by Parker Brothers in 1985, is nothing more than a repackaged, renamed reissue of Camelot, which had been discontinued in 1968.  Camelot's Knight became Inside Moves' Power Piece, the Man became the Pawn, the Canter became the Jump, the Jump became the Capture, the Knight's Charge became the Power Play, the Castle became the Goal, and the Castle Move became the Goal Move.


(If any of this sounds confusing, it is no wonder that even the Parker Brothers rules rewrite team got confused on page six of the Inside Moves Rule Book and said, incorrectly, "If you have a choice of moving the piece out (from your own goal) by Plain-Moving, Capturing, or Jumping, you must Jump out."  Since Camelot's Jump had become Insides Moves' Capture, they should have said, "... you must Capture out.")


In any case, Inside Moves was discontinued in 1986 after only one year.  Truly, this was a sad end to the 56-year saga of Camelot sales.