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An exploration of this website will reveal 165 pages of information, including more than one thousand photographs, diagrams, tables, graphs, maps, and files.  I hope that I have provided everything that you could ever want to know about the fascinating, challenging, exciting, and thoroughly wonderful family of Camelot games.


Please note that because many of this site's web pages contain substantial graphic content, browser loading times for these pages can, depending upon your Internet connection, be excessive.  Nevertheless, the alternative of dividing this website into thousands of pages in order to speed up loading, with the undesirable result of making searching incredibly cumbersome, was unthinkable.


My very special thanks go to Dave Blizzard.  Although I purchased my first Camelot set in 1959, it sat largely unused (in spite of my burning desire to play the game) for 40 years due to the scarcity of playing partners.  My email games with Dave in 1999 across thousands of miles reawakened my interest and made me realize that there were others, like me, who loved Camelot.  Without that impetus, I might never have formed the World Camelot Federation, created this website, and gotten so much renewed enjoyment from what George Parker rightly believed was "the best game in 2,000 years."


Enjoy your visit!

Michael Wortley Nolan


The following individuals and organizations have kindly granted me permission to display their photographs, diagrams, translations, and literary works on this website.  Dan Troyka, Rick Fadden, Winston Johnson, Arty Sandler, Filip Rachunek, Mary Kartak, Jenny Kile, Natalya Rutchyk, Julian Doraci, Ana María Xaubet Sevilla, Calvin Daniels, Kris Kobialka, Judith Caballero, Jesse Schell, Bob Lafond, Eli Kern, Soila Patajoki, Pasinee Panitnantanakul, Naranidh Punmeechaow, Pariya Sripakdeevong, Premika Vongcharoenrat, Pamela Dutta, Alok Mahendroo, Satomi Ginoza, Monica Arifin, Agnes Szabo, Amani Elmawed, Louise McTavish, Álvaro Martín Martín, Barbara Intihar, Le Nguyen Quynh, Lavinia Loredana Marginean, Viktoryia Smatrytskaya, Iki Her, Panayiota Vatikioti, Ruth Davies, Patrick Stevens, Darrel Larson, Emma Jane Stevens, Gabriela Galińska, Wiebke Myohl, Jorgen Boettiger, Ling (Lily) Zhang, Ziye An, Yuxi Chen, Yi Ling Dai, Mandy Lai, Xinyang Lei, Kelly Lin, Faye Lu, Amelie Ye Wen, Mai Ávila Molero, Marko Antonijevic, Rahma Wati, Edward Parker, Skip Maloney, François Haffner, Terry Oparka, Louise Campbell, Cameron Fruit, Jana Miller, Michael Kandrac, Paul Bramwell Smith, Dave Thomen, Ryan Brown, Ralph and Kirana Peters, João Pedro Neto, Edward Winter, Wayne Saunders, Paul Yearout, Mark Holden, John Lawson, Karl Kaufman, Daniel Garber, Jens Markmann, Tim Lomas, Kerry Handscomb, Phil Knox, Katherine Pippin Pauley, ig Game Center, BrainKing, GoldToken, The Game Crafter, Numbskull Games, Wellesley In Translation, Chess Notes, Abstract Games Magazine, the Troy Times, The Saline Reporter,, the Ann Arbor Journal, and the American Contract Bridge League have my sincere gratitude.


The World Camelot Federation is not affiliated with, nor has it the approval of, Hasbro, Inc., the owner of Parker Brothers.  Hasbro, Inc. and Parker Brothers may still own copyrights to the original rule book texts and original gameboard design graphics for the games of Chivalry, Four-Handed Chivalry, Camelot, Three-Handed Camelot, Four-Handed Camelot, Grand Camelot, Point Camelot, Point Camelot For Tournaments and Progressive Parties, Camelotta, Cam, and Inside Moves.


Winston Johnson invented the variant of River Camelot, including a revised piece setup as well as the addition of trees, bridges, and river to the standard playing surface.


Paul Bramwell Smith invented the piece setup, as well as his version of the board design of the variant game of Grand Cam.


The World Camelot Federation and Michael Wortley Nolan own copyrights to the original textual contents of these web pages, many of the photographic and design images contained herein, and to the literary works known as "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Camelot," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Grand Camelot," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Cam," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Chivalry," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Camette," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of River Camelot," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Tri-Camelot," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Four-Handed (Partnership) Chivalry," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Four-Handed (Individual) Chivalry," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Grand Cam," "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Anti-Camelot," and "The World Camelot Federation Official Rules of Cam 3-D."  Michael Wortley Nolan invented the piece setup and board design of the variant games of Camette, Tri-Camelot, and Cam 3-D, and the WCF version of the board design of the variant game of Grand Cam.